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January 17, 2005



Today was exciting! I think the inauguration feature will be so cool. Thank you, Mr. Cortez! (Daniel tell your Dad to look at the blog so he sees that)

And thank you, Mrs. Grace, for the coffee that sustanined me though this day, and for the delicious pizza that I am now enjoying.

Tom and Eric are some cool ninjas.

I just realized I have no articles in this issue :-( That's funny.

We have nice big pics on the pages - who would have thought that this quickie issue would come together so amazingly??!?!?!

Just think of next issue - when we'll have TIME!

Okay, that's enough commenting...


Hey Mrs. Grace,
Thanks for staying after with us and ordering pizza! It really was a nice treat for us. The paper I think is coming together great!


Mrs. Grace, I will be staying afterschool. Can I come in then to work on my spreads?
By the way, isn't time to update yet?

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